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Couple Laughing


Embrace Life’s Challenges

The relationship formed in a marriage or committed partnership is unique r.  There is an intimate connection formed that bonds two people differently than family and friends.  This distinct relationship is why it is so painful when that connection is damaged or threatened.  Those we love most can unfortunately be those who hurt us or who we hurt the most.  Many couples try to navigate these difficulties on their own and keep it within the privacy of the relationship.  However, it often just gets the couple caught in repeating cycles of struggle that they can’t see or do not know how to stop.


Sex addiction or problems with pornography are common struggles we see with couples.  Those experiences, often referred to as “Betrayal Trauma,” can create deep seeded pains that take time to heal. There is hope and pathways through the dark. 


Beginning therapy takes courage to invite an outside person into the private and emotional stories of the marriage or partnership. However, with an outside perspective of a caring and supportive professional, things can start to shift.  We believe that it is the committed relationships that make us stronger because of how those relationships push us to work, learn, and grow. That is a cause worth fighting for.

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