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Engaged Couple Holding Hands


Couples can struggle with any number of issues.  One I see most often in our community is problems with porn or other sexual addictions.  The biggest factor in the pain these experiences cause is the secrecy and isolation.  Both partners often feel unsafe to talk about their story because of the shame and stigma involved as well as wanting to protect their partner from further judgment and pain.  

Groups are a magnificent way to step out of that darkness and meet with other similar couples or individuals and find hope and light together. 

I encourage all my couples to complete my Shame Resilience course to learn essential skills that will aid them better as they work through the process with their partner.  Then I will add them to the respective wives or husbands group.  These “next level” groups dive further into the serious issues arising in the relationships and building better coping, further understanding of self and partner, and expanding the experience of therapeutic healing. 

These groups meet once a week for as long as they choose to participate. $100/month/person

If you are interested in joining any of the available groups, please email or call us for more information. 

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