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Understanding Your Mental Health

A woman's body is greatly different from a man's body.  Not just in physicality but in the hormones, brain chemicals, emotional responses, and more. A woman is the same hormonally only 12 collective days throughout the whole year! With that comes a variety  of emotions. It is tough just being a woman, not to mention the additional relationship and experiential trials a woman may have. 


All of that biology influences a woman's experience of other emotional struggles like anxiety, depression, and self esteem.  Women struggle differently with body image, eating disorders, and pregnancy related issues. 


It is important to be educated about these differences and start to embrace female identity differently. Treatment includes, learning shame resilience, self compassion skills, and processing any personal experiences that are relevant. Being a woman is a remarkable and wonderful thing. It is our goal to help women find their own voice and confidence in a way that helps them find more meaning and joy.

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