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A faith crisis, or transition, occurs anytime an individual finds themselves struggling with questioning or simply unsettled by their current religious or spiritual practices and orientation. These shifts usually happen in regards to a specific religion, however it can show up for anyone trying to find different meaning and peace within their spiritual experiences.  A faith crisis or transition is never the same for any two people and it generally will not produce the same results, and that is completely okay. The goal is not for the client to end in or out of any religion or spiritual tradition. The objective is for them to find spiritual peace and fulfillment in whatever way works for them. 


Therapy can be a great way to support someone in a faith crisis or transition. It gives you the opportunity to be completely  honest with whatever turmoil is showing up and allow the client to process their stories.  Again, therapy does not have a spiritual agenda, that is determined by the client.  Being in spiritual struggle can feel very alone so therapy can provide a place to be heard, validated, and encouraged. Loneliness and isolation compound any struggle. When a person is questioning their faith or  the existence of a higher power, feeling alone is a common experience.  Seeking support through those hard times can allow easier access to the answers, healing, or direction one is seeking.

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