Holding Hands


Trauma is a distressed emotional response to a major and powerful life event, often an accident or dangerous experience. This can result in the prolonged emotional response to relevant and similar stimuli, or heightened overall agitation, depression, and or anxiety.  Other symptoms may include loss of sleep, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, nightmares, and panic attacks.

The residual shock of the trauma often causes recurring stress responses in the body that make it very difficult to manage regular day to day tasks or emotions.  That is why trauma treatment is so helpful.

For many simply talking about the trauma can be a significant step towards healing, especially if the trauma is relatively recent.  In therapy, there are many ways to address the trauma as well as the physical and emotional responses that present.  We teach mindfulness and other calming and grounding skills that help manage the emotional responses.  Then we patiently process through the experience(s) while applying those skills to re balance and re circuit the body’s response to the trauma.