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Support Group Meeting


Group work is an excellent way for individuals and couples to find hope and validation through the connection developed with people that have similar life experiences.  Connection is one of the strongest healing powers. In groups I encourage people to bravely share their story in a safe atmosphere and accept the love and empathy of the listeners.  Sharing our honest story by itself is a huge step towards change and better self love.  Sharing is scary and vulnerable but when it is done in a safe place and met with the power of empathy it creates new stories of hope and growth. One of our biggest fears in this life is that we are alone. When we are given proof that we are not alone and experience that others know exactly what we are going through, everything in our world view shifts. 

Groups can often be a more economical option for therapy as well.  Individual therapy sessions are roughly $90-$120 per session.  Our groups are 75-$100/month. 

If you are interested in joining any of the available groups, please email or call us for more information. 

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